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Case Studies

Unocal Damages

Damages Analysis, Antitrust

Unocal influenced California regulators to adopt regulations that, unbeknownst to regulators, conferred monopoly power upon Unocal.  applEcon quantified the resulting overcharges paid by California consumers, which helped class members to win a settlement of $48…

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The National Collegiate Athletic Association (“NCAA”) and its Division I member schools restrict the amount of athletic-based financial aid that student-athletes may receive below the actual cost of attending college.  Suit was brought on behalf of a class of…

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IBM v. Platform Solutions and t3 Technologies

Antitrust, Intellectual property for defendant

t3 Technologies (t3) alleged IBM misused intellectual property rights and tied operating systems licenses to hardware, thereby maintaining its monopoly over mainframe hardware. applEcon, working in close coordination with t3’s lawyers, provided evidence and analyses…

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Opposition to MDL Settlement of All U.S. Microsoft Antitrust Claims

Antitrust, liability, causation, damages, and class certification for plaintiffs

applEcon was instrumental in preventing a settlement of all private U.S. antitrust claims against Microsoft by showing that the proposed settlement was anticompetitive, inadequate, and unworkable for the impoverished schools it purported to help.

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The Presbyterian Church of Sudan et al., vs. Talisman Energy

Class certification and damages for plaintiffs

applEcon quantified damages suffered by Sudanese tribesmen from military attacks allegedly facilitated by Talisman Energy by collecting evidence of the tribesmen’s losses of cattle and millet, land and dwellings.  We then quantified the dollar value of these losses…

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