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Case Studies

Liability Cases

Image Technical Services (ITS) v. Kodak

Antitrust liability for plaintiffs

Plaintiffs included 17 small independent service organizations who alleged Kodak had illegally monopolized the aftermarket for maintenance services on Kodak high volume copiers and micrographics (microfilm) equipment. Plaintiffs alleged Kodak used its control of…

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Valassis v. News America

Antitrust liability for plaintiff

applEcon presented trial and deposition testimony that made a comprehensive, clear, and convincing case for liability for anticompetitive conduct, tortious interference, and unfair business practices, helping Valassis to a $300 million jury-decided victory at the…

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Metropolitan Taxicab Board of Trade v. City of New York

On just eight days’ notice, applEcon presented a study at an evidentiary hearing that formed the basis for a judge’s conclusion that new taxi lease rate regulations created a mandate to buy hybrid vehicles and presented superior alternatives to the new taxi lease…

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