Applied Economic Consultants

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applEcon specializes in antitrust economics and has provided analysis, testimony, and consulting services in several high profile antitrust cases recently as well as being involved in multiple landmark cases over the years.

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applEcon has extensive experience analyzing antitrust liability. We develop a deep understanding of the industries at issue and the specific facts of the case. Our insistence in understanding the nuances of a particular industry results in experts that are thoroughly informed and testimony that stands up to rigorous scrutiny.

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Damages Analysis

appEcon has considerable experience calculating damages pertaining to a wide range of legal disputes. Our calculations draw upon our thorough understanding of the relevant industries and are built upon our meticulous approach to data gathering and processing.

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Class Certification

applEcon has provided analysis in a range of industries pertaining to class certification and we understand the unique questions that arise in class certification proceedings. We understand precisely what elements are relevant for assessing common impact and determining whether or not a class should be certified.

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Intellectual Property

applEcon’s approach is naturally suited to evaluation of intellectual property (IP) cases. Recent court rulings call for fact-based calculation of the value of IP, an approach that coincides with our usual practice, which is to build an understanding of market forces by assimilating the relevant facts in the light of sound economic theory.

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Regulatory Economics

applEcon has undertaken economic analysis of various regulations, both implemented and proposed, for clients interested in influencing regulatory proceedings.

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