Applied Economic Consultants

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applEcon specializes in antitrust economics and has provided analysis and testimony in several high profile antitrust cases in recent years. applEcon has considerable experience analyzing firm behavior and employs a range of sophisticated methods and tools to distinguish anti-competitive activity from pro-competitive actions as well as for quantifying the harm to competitors or consumers from anti-competitive activity. We are well-versed in a broad spectrum of antitrust issues, including market definition, market power, collusion, predatory pricing, bundling and tying, exclusive dealing, and calculation of damages.

applEcon understands the demands of complex antitrust litigation and is prepared to provide support in all aspects of a case, from drafting discovery requests through trial testimony. Our analyses are credible: we uncover the facts of a case and understand the workings of the relevant industries. Our experts are able to explain our analyses in a manner that can be easily understood by a jury, but also withstand intense cross-examination from opposition.